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Guru Imran saved my marriage with a simple prayer - Dr Soenita (45) - Sydney

Earlier this year my marriage broke up and my husband went back to India. I found it very difficult to manage without him and I still loved him very much. A close friend of mine told me about Guru Imran, but I was skeptical anything could be done. I gave Guru Imran a call and he made a free reading, in which he revealed so many personal details that only I and my husband could possibly have known. Guru Imran revealed that there was a certain relative involved in our problems and break up. I was more shocked when he told me the names without mentioning a word to him.

Afterwards did a brief puja and gave me special mantra to recite in order to break the spell that this woman has put on him. In only 15 minutes later, my husband called immediately after no speaking for over 3 months. My husband soon returned home and now we live very happy lives. I am truly grateful to Guru Imran and I do encourage those with problems to contact him without any hesitation.


“The Guru who predicts things that always happen” - Roshnee - Brampton Ontario

My Name is Roshnee and I am from Brampton Ontario, I first heard about Guru Imran through Facebook. I Curious asked for a reading not knowing what to expect. Guru Imran amazed me when he mentioned so many accurate details about me and my family that I didn’t expect anyone outside my family to know.

Guru Imran then predicted an accident that I was supposed to have including the time period it was likely to happen And indeed this accident happened and thankfully I listened to Guru Imran’s warning and survived the accident. It all seemed like a joke but I honestly do thank Guru Imran, and I take him as mind Guide for anything that I intend to do. He is a humble man sent from Above.


He made my Enemies come and confess what they had done to me - Mellisa (52) - Sydney Australia

I had so many problems in my Business and my Marriage had fallen apart. My husband had left us for over 3yrs. A friend of mine had sought help from Guru Imran so she recommended that I contact him. I took his number and and he opened book for me, Guru Imran i quickly picked up that my marriage had broken up and he revealed that someone close to my family was behind all this.

Guru Imran then made a simple prayer which quickly broke the spell that had been done to me. On that same day, my husband called me for the very first time and I was very astonished, it seemed like I was in the middle of a dream. My husband apologized and very soon came back to the family. On top of this, my mother in law soon cam and confessed that she was behind everything just as Guru Imran had said. We have since forgiven her and we live happily because even my business soon picked up.


He saved my troubles Marriage - Pravesh - Harrow London

I had been married for just 2 years when things started to go wrong. My wife was beginning to go out more with her friends and was hardly ever home. She began to neglect our home and was very distant with me. I tried speaking with her about this to see if we could resolve our relationship problems but she just didn't seem interested. She was obviously not committed to our marriage vows and I felt as though I was losing her.

After much deliberation I contacted Love Psychic Guru Imran and told him about my problem. I didn't really think he could do anything but I was desperate. Well, after a week things began to change. My wife became more interested in me and now she and I are very happy. We have just had our first child and things could not be better. I have to thank Guru Imran for this. His wisdom and power somehow turned my life around and I'm so grateful.


Umesh 28yrs - California

My girlfriend and I had been engaged for almost 18 months and we had planned to marry in the autumn. However, 2 months before the wedding my girlfriend decided to go off on holiday with one of her old friends, and when she came back she was a different person from the girl I used to know. She said she now had a change of heart and didn't really want to get married. I was devastated and didn't know which way to turn.

I love her deeply and I just couldn't imagine life without her. I tried talking to her and even her parents tried talking her round but it seemed she had made up her mind, and it was all over. She moved out of our shared flat and that's when I contacted Love Psychic Guru Imran. Guru Imran advised me to be patient as he worked his psychic power. Two weeks later, to my amazement my girlfriend just came back and moved back into the flat as if nothing had happened. All she wants to do now is talk about getting married. I can't thank Guru Imran enough for all his help and divine intervention


Ricky Govender - Phoenix South Africa

For many years i used to play casino and betting on horses. I was not very lucky. I lost a lot of my money in the process, and i couldn’t stop because i was addicted. I lost all my life’s savings and a big potion of my salary as well. Then a friend of mine told me about GURU IMRAN. I visited the website, took down his number and i decided i should do a telephonic reading. When i phoned him i was a bit nervous and i really didn’t know what to expect. But to my surprise he seemed very concerned about my situation, he told me many things happening in my life and i was shocked, because everything was so true and on point.

Guru then advised me on how to use my lucky numbers to maximize my wins. I took his advice seriously and i can confirm to everyone that for over 3 months now, i have never made any loses at the casino. My biggest win so far has been over R40, 000 in one night. Thank you so much Guru Imran for changing my life.


Vimal - Port Louis Mauritius

Guru Imran I am not good with words but , you did save my only son from his addiction on Drugs and other dangerous substances , he has since joined university and is pursuing a Bachelors in Engineering

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